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Please note extra £15 charge for larger vehicles.

Below Are The Mobile Valeting Services We Offer:

Mini Valet £30* (approx 1-2 hours)  This service is designed for regular maintenance for everyday vehicles. 


-  Pre Rinse

- Premium Shampoo Wash

- Premium Towels to dry

- Glass cleaned and buffed


- All interior surfaces thoroughly vacuumed and dusted

- Carpets, seats & mats brushed and vacuumed

- All trim cleaned and dried

- Glass cleaned


Deluxe Valet from £70* (approx 3-4 hours)  Our more detailed Valet service which, we believe offers great value for money and suits the public and trade alike. Designed as a rejuvenation to keep your vehicle in good condition. Includes all the features of Mini Valet, as well as upholstery cleaning and premium hand polishing to protect your paintwork.



Mini Valet

-  Pre Rinse

- Premium Shampoo Wash

- Premium Towels to dry

- Glass cleaned and buffed

Paintwork treated with a protection layer of premium hand polish



 Mini Valet

    - Seats, carpets & over-mats washed using our dirt extraction process

    - Leather cleaned and treated (where applicable)

    - All trim dressed & protected

    - All glass polished using a premium hand polish

    - Metal polished where required



Full interior valet £45* [approx 2-3 hours)


- As above Deluxe full interior


Premium Valet from £100* (approx 5-7 hours)  Designed to concentrate on the exterior, this service is designed to take your car paintwork and appearance to the next level for those after sheer perfection in looks but also in an economical package. Using market leading polishes & waxes bespoke to your paintwork specification this polishing process removes and fills minor swirl marks leaving an unrivaled finish. This stage of polishing is what restores the gloss, clarity and colour back into your paintwork.The use of market leading polishes, pads and correct techniques is what sets detailing services apart from general valeting.



- Wheels & arches thoroughly cleaned using various cleaners & brushes

-  Door & Boot shuts cleaned

-  Vehicle washed using premium shampoo and wax

-  Tar remover to remove tar spots then re-rinsed

-  Vehicle dried using premium drying towels 

        Polishing process

- Vehicle paintwork cleaned as necessary removing bonded contaminants

- All paintwork treated with T Cut to restore your cars natural colour

- Vehicle paintwork inspected and prepared for a premium hand polish

​​​- Paintwork polished using a market leading finishing polish to restore gloss & clarity

- Metal polished where required including exhaust tips

- Tyres and exterior plastics dressed & protected


​As above Deluxe Valet



The Workz from £150*

As above Premium


Plus - Fog it deodorizer


        - Snow foam pre wash


        - Clay Bar treatment


        - Autoglym paint sealant
















we use autoglym products to ensure your vehicle is a high quality finish.

Deodorize your car/room with our Fog- it machine,

Kills germs and bacteria, eliminates foul odours,

Leaves no residue.

£10 per car

Dirt and grime is enclapsulated and removed reducing the need for contact washing.

£10 per car

Extra Gloss Protection is a durable,sealant that forms a barrier, sealing polish in and dirt out.

Surfaces protected with sealants are easier to keep clean as dirt finds it harder to stick to this slippery surface. £20 Per car

Clay bar Treatment:

This process is to fully cleanse the paintwork of micro contaminants, such as tar and sap that won't just wash off. Before the clay bar can be applied the vehicle is given an exterior valet. Once the vehicle surface is fully clean a small bar of clay is worked over each panel using a specific lubricant. Once fully cleansed by the clay bar a layer of wax is applied to the vehicle. £25 per car

Please note pet hair removal Extra please mention when enquiring about our services,


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​Patios and driveways cleaned,

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from £50​

Carpet cleaning available

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